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Cleaning Products

We have what you need to make your job easier. With long standing relationships with producers and vendors we are always getting new products that are ideal for harsh island conditions.


Green Products


We carry an extensive selection of GREEN products that are Natural, Responsible, Safer and Sustainable. Their ingredients (excluding water) are approximately 95% natural, in addition to the the appropriate manufacturing processes. Green products are responsible; not tested on animals during any part of the development process. They are in turn safer, having to adhere to the Natural Products Association (NPA) standard of products. The products are finally sustainable due to using biodegradable ingredients with environmentally sustainable packaging whenever possible.




The bathroom is one of the cleanest rooms in the home. To make this possible you must have the right cleaning products. From toilet bowl cleaner to glass cleaner we carry a variety of quality brands to keep your bathroom spotless!




Rejuvenate every surface of your kitchen with brand name kitchen cleaners. Clean granite and stainless steel to glass and Formica. Our disinfecting kitchen cleaners kill germs while making your kitchen sparkling clean!


Wood Care


Maintenance of wood floors and surfaces is every bit as important as installation and finishing. Using the right brand products to keep them polished and clean will be instantly noticed when you and your guests walk into your home!