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Lawn Care

We have what you need to make your job easier. With long standing relationships with producers and vendors we are always getting new products that are ideal for harsh island conditions.




Maintaining your garden doesn't need to be a lot of work. Fertilizer added to your soil will supply it with the essential nutrients to grow your plants. Whether it is traditional, organic, has added insect control, spreadable or liquid form fertilizer, our professional staff will help lead you to which fertilizer would be best suited for your Nantucket lawn & garden.


Grass Seed


Your lawn is the first thing people notice about your home, taking care of it can be simple with these three questions. Where will your grass live (cool/warm season)? What is your particular need or use of your lawn? What type of grass do you want? With these questions our professional staff can help you choose a variety of grass seeds for sun, full shade and high traffic areas.
1lb. to 50lb. bags available
Lawn repair kits in economy and premium forms.


Grass & Weed Killer


Grass and weed killers are used to kill unwanted plants. Selective herbicides kill specific targets while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed. We carry a full selection of selective and non-selective weed killers and preventers in traditional and organic forms.


Plant Food


Plant food creates bigger, more beautiful plants, vegetables, roses, flowers, trees & shrubs and house plants. Whether you are looking for organic, traditional, slow and quick release plant food or an assortment of house and garden plant food we carry a number of different brands. Stop in and ask our Garden staff today!