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We have what you need to make your job easier. With long standing relationships with producers and vendors we are always getting new products that are ideal for harsh island conditions.


Electric and Induction


Most smoothtop ranges have four surface elements in three sizes: one or two medium-power elements (about 1,500 to 1,800 watts), a small element (about 1,200 watts), and one or two large ones (about 2,500 watts or more). Some have a warming element in the center section
-Smoothtops are sleeker and make it easier to wipe up spills because there are no electric coils or gas burners protruding above the surface.
-Induction cooktops take the cake for quick heating and energy efficiency.
-Pans for induction cooking must be able to attract a magnet to work.




The capacity of a burner is measured in British thermal units (Btu) per hour. Most gas ranges have four surface burners in three sizes: one or two medium-power burners (about 9,000 Btu), a small burner (about 5,000 Btu), and one or two large ones (about 15,000 Btu or more). Some have a fifth burner instead of a center section. Gas-on-glass models that mount gas burners above a smooth ceramic surface are an option.
-Gas burners can accommodate a variety of pot types and sizes.
-Gas ranges are available in sizes ranging from 20Ó to 60Ó, some with two ovens.
-Duel fuel ranges combine a gas cooktop with an electric oven for the best of both methods.