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We have what you need to make your job easier. With long standing relationships with producers and vendors we are always getting new products that are ideal for harsh island conditions.




These are the traditional type of refrigerators. Widths typically run from about 28 to 33 inches. Manufacturers claim up to 22-cubic-foot capacities, but usable capacity is typically lower.
-They typically offer the most storage for their size
-Fairly wide refrigerator shelves make it easy to reach the back
-Not costly, yet they offer stainless trim on more models for a more stylish look


Bottom Freezer


Sales of bottom-freezers are growing fastest as a group and include both French-door models and four-door models (with an extra drawer between the two-door fridge and freezer drawer). Widths run from 30 to 36 inches for most. Capacities can approach 30 cubic feet.
-Tend to be the most energy efficient
-Bottom-freezers offer the convenience of an eye-level refrigerator
-French-door models offer the space-saving narrow door swing of a side-by-side and the option of opening only half the refrigerator for smaller items
-Four-door versions take a French-door configuration and add a refrigerator or freezer drawer between the fridge and freezer compartments
-More models now offer in-door ice and water dispensers that debuted on side-by-side models




A vertical, full-length split places the freezer on one side and refrigerator on the other. Side-by-sides typically come with through-the-door ice and water dispensers, temperature-controlled bins, and rapid ice-making cycles. Width typically measures 33 to 36 inches. Capacities can reach roughly 30 cubic feet.
-The narrow doors are a plus in a tight kitchen.




These models are designed to fit almost flush with cabinets and counters. Built-ins come in bottom-freezer and side-by-side styles, but can also include French-door and four-door configurations. You can also buy a separate refrigerator and freezer and build them into your kitchen. Capacities can reach about 25 cubic feet.
-These will offer the sleekest look for your Nantucket home. And most can accept optional front panels that match your cabinets and other elements of your kitchen.




With cabinet depth refrigerators, you get the look of a built-in with a shallow, free-standing refrigerators. Most come as side-by-sides, but top- and bottom-freezers and French-door models are available. Capacities can reach over 20 feet, but far less than that is usable.
-These stick out only a bit farther than built-in models and deliver their upscale look for far less.
-Many accept extra-cost panels for a custom look.


Refrigerator Drawers


These are a more recent choice for kitchens where even the biggest refrigerator simply isn't enough.
-They can mount under a countertop or within a kitchen island for storing drinks and other specialized items.
-They don't cost much to run